The Bet Angel Academy
Peter Webb

Betfair Trading Crash Course

Want to learn about trading, don't know where to start. This mini-course will get you off on the right foot in double quick time.

The course will take 20-25 minutes

Peter Webb

Learn to Trade on Betfair

Listen in as Peter spends four hours walking a complete newbie through how to get started and place their first trades on Betfair.

If you are interested in learning to trade right from the start, then this is the course for you.

Peter Webb

The Psychology of Trading

Psychology plays a key part in your trading but it's often underestimated just how key this is. It could be your ability to trade or how the market works.

Learn more about both in this course.

Peter Webb

Using Bet Angel - Trader

Looking to get started in Betfair trading?

This course will give you a three-hour comprehensive guide to Trading on Betfair with Bet Angel trader.

Peter Webb

Betfair Trading Strategies - Tennis

Tennis is one of the most popular in-play sports available to trade. Walk through key concepts and learn to trade tennis on Betfair and also learn about some amazing tools like Tennis Trader.

The Bet Angel Team

Bet Angel - Expert guide

An easy to read, carefully curated, detailed overview of all the key features in Bet Angel and how to use them.

185 pages of detailed content on every feature. Download & read anywhere.