FREE Betfair Exchange trading crash course

Betfair Trading Crash Course

Your quick and easy guide to trading on Betfair | taught by Peter Webb

Course description

This course last's 20-25 minutes and covers: -

- Key Betting Exchange Concepts

- How to Trade on Exchange

- Key factors behind trading

- How to hedge a position

- Simple trading concepts

- Using Software on an Exchange

- How to Learn More About Trading

Peter Webb
Peter Webb
Founder of Bet Angel and pioneer of sports trading

Peter's trading journey begun when he joined Betfair in June 2000, just days after they opened for business. Despite having three young children, he left a senior position in his existing career to pursue a pioneering path through sports markets.

Since then he has traded over 200,000 markets, analysed over 1,500,000 and spent the prime of his working life trading and gaining an incredibly deep understanding of how the market works. He has actively taught others since 2004 when he introduced the concept of trading on sports to financial market participants. Peter has gone on to be one of the most successful traders / gamblers ever.

Course Curriculum

What is the appeal of trading?
What is the appeal of trading
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Key betting exchange concepts
What is Backing
What is Laying
What do backers and layers do?
How prices are formed
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How to trade on exchanges
The mechanics of trading
Trading a horse race
Trading a Football match
How to hedge your position
Manual Trading on Betfair
Odds movement terminology
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Using software on an exchange
Use software!
Trading on Bet Angel
Bet Angel's three bits of software
The one click screen
The Ladder Screen
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How to learn more about trading.
Learn more about trading
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Reviews (91)

5 stars

by Waine Hartman
5 stars

by richard baxell

by Nick Gangadis
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5 stars

by Waine Hartman
5 stars

by richard baxell

by Nick Gangadis

Very informative

by kevin Rendell
Very informative

Betfair Trading Crash Course

by Terry Smith
Excellent information very clear and concise. Thankyou

Sounds so simple

by Girish Oza
Why isn't everybody doing this instead of the daily 9 to 5 (or in my case 8 to 6) drudgery?


by Bailey Rumble
I recommend this course highly, it helped me so much with my questions I had. I'm new to this but i really like the concept of it 💪

Betfair Trading Crash Course

by Razvan Lisnic
good course!

Five stars

by Jean Cilliers


by Arsène-Grégory ABITBOL

Short yet complete

by ashish bajpai
Words used by Peter struck right away! “Open a position, close a position and hedge a position!!!”

Very good course

by Daniel horrocks
Explains everything perfect and quick and short

Nice Info for Beginners

by Russ Marsh
Thoughtful and considered course for beginners. I already understood the principles of trading but appreciated the way it was put across. Not too much detail to swamp the beginner but good information none the less.

by Rachel Webb


by maxime abedrabo
thank,you for all this explainations i'm from france and dont have this available so im really happy that i can learn with you

by david Morrissey

by Luke Baker

Great Introduction to Trading

by Sheila Forde
Everything you need to know about trading. Very well explained.


by Aloise Ngari
Very fast and crushy

Bet Angel gives hope, knowledge & a positive outlook to trading!

by Jeshu Brewer
A great introduction, I've got a disability for the last 3 years, I'm proactive in my approach to finding ways to make money. I'm advanced in my knowledge in match betting trading but feel confident that my time can progress into exchange trading full time. Bet Angel has been a positive influence on me and I look forward to growing in confidence and ability. Thank you for your efforts to make this option available ;)

by Matthew Sellwood

by Patrick Davey

A newbie "must-have"

by David Edwards
For those, like me, new to trading sports or anything else for that matter, this collection of videos will get you started. For less than half an hour of your time you will get the very basics with clear, concise information and terminology. Grab a (non-alcoholic) drink and make some good use of your most valuable asset...........time.

Clear and concise explanations

by Ruth L
Pitched at the beginner, this course clearly explains the basics of trading plus common jargon and techniques without being patronising. Recommended.


by Tony McCormick
Easy explanation of something I'm brand new to. Fantastic for beginners like me.

great presentation

by Greg Harper
enjoyed the content , which covered a lot of aspects of sport trading

by Ray McBride

Great starting point

by Chris Eley
Quick, precise set of videos to give you a foundation to your trading career

Very easy course to follow.

by Ryan Herbert
He done a great job explaining the basics. A great starting point for anyone interested in trading.

by Steinar Haraldsson

by Steve Branch

Great Simple Insight

by Gary Williams
Recommend any newbie to go through this as its very informative

by Maciej Kalinski

by Maciej Kalinski

by stefan soderholm

by Oliver Gruber

by Sean Lennon

by lee bennett

by Nicola Milton

by Philip Alexander


by Lewis Leeming
Thank you for your videos, they are very clear, helpful and encouraging for newbies.

by Keshwan Naidu

by parson smith

by Marina Meerbeek

by Neil King


by Michael Connolly
Very easy to understand thanks

Clear & Concise

by Christopher JOHNSTONE
Very easy to follow for a zygote of a trader like me. The concept and the core mechanics are now clear to a previously befuddled brain. thank you

Great intro for rookies

by Rafael Janiak
Clear and straight forward information for beginners on Betfair.

Betfair Trading Crash Course

by John Brown
Set out in nice, simple terms.

by Thibaut Desjardins

by Yovcho Stoynov

by shailendra deshpande

crash course feedback

by Shannon Reimer
Not a bad intro, however i would have liked to hear more information on the ladder screen and more on what kind of profit Im going to take. For instance, in an earlier video it showed a (0pound profit but the actual profit was one pound and then after hedging it becomes a few cents.. so what is the actual profit on that bet?? why put up 100 pound for a few cents in gain?? just not explained properly sorry. As for the ladder set up i would like to have a seen a more thorough explanation. I have watched a number of the bet angel tv youtube videos and still struggle to understand it and if i am going to spend a few hundred $ aud on the software and creating a bank i don't want to spend weeks learning how to use various layers of software and structures. So a little helpful but not alot as most of the info in these can be gained from google in a few minutes rather than 25min of video and a sign up. but i will keep moving forward. thanks

by andrew jolliffe

by Zoltan Balogh

by Dayki Forkin

by Ray H

FOREX vs Sport betting. TIME vs MONEY.

by George Hristov
I am a nubie in sport trading. However I have been trading for years on the Forex market. I have never knew the possibilities to trade on sports. As I started to evaluate the pros and cons of sport trading I realized something amazing. Sport trading is not less riskier than Forex , but it is more valuable because You always win on one commodity we are always losing and this is TIME. You always know that in one hour max you will know the result and you could take the next step of your strategy. TIME is the only commodity we must value, money are socondary because you can win more if you are good but you cannot win more time regardless what skills you have! The course is awesome for nubies, on some topics it could be more comprehensive but it does what it should and it save you a lot of TIME searching for the info. Thank You Bet Angel!

by Lucy Thompson

by Matthew Broderick

by Christian Hughes

by mark pegus

by Ofir Rosenfeld

by Green Coffee

by Shatish Patel

by Adrian Ioan Botyan

Great Introduction

by Jamie Green
Very simple to understand introduction into trading with Bet Angel/sports trading in general.

Klondike Trading

by Ronnie McKenna
Trading is like the gold-rush; the only people making money are those who sell the pans. In fairness to Peter these are extremely bright and shiny pans.

Learning Curve

by Richard Evans
After 6 Months "Betting" on Betfair (Failing Badly) the crash course opened my eyes to new ideas and taught me new things I never considered. I now see the concept of Backing & Laying (& Hedging) in a new light. Great Stuff.

Good For A Refresher

by Andy Roberts
Simplifies many things and a great intro to both trading and the interface itself which I needed coming from Geeks Toy

by Stephen Roberts

Excellent info

by Andrew Winterburn
A lot to think about and plenty of ideas on how to get started.

by Evan Davies

by Isar Barez

by ian Jarratt

Trading with your angel

by John Galvin
If you haven't done any trading on Betfair exchange before this course will show you the basics of how to win more lose less. It really is just a lesson in understanding how to go about trading if you're unsure of what to do.

by David Buckfield
Last four videos did not work on my iPhone.

by Callum Perry
Very imformative basic tutorials. This basic information is explained very clearly for beginners.

by Bruce Mwonzora
Really straight forward, really simple. Nothing but the basics. Fantastic.

Good and Poor or missing points

by Ken Riches
Good points:-) Overall the course is great, best I have seen. Would be nice if all the videos worked. Poor points:-( You have problems seeing where the cursor is pointing. The Cursor should be larger or better still have a yellow ring around it. The writing and Icons are small. It would be nice to see an area around the Cursor made larger just like Amazon have on their items when you slide your Cursor over a picture. Moving the cursor slower and telling the student where you are point on which part of the screen. Some of the videos would not work but came up with a tick to say you had viewed it. It was not possible to go back to it. At the end you had see ALL 100% of the course. Did report some of them when I found out how to do it. I am using a 32'' screen. Heaven help those with small screens. Added points:-( There is no 'Bank' so that you can visually see how you are progressing over time while in practice mode. You cannot see a total for the Day-Week-Month-Year period selection. Being able to select the value of your bank. Starting with a £100 or £200 bank. Seeing it in a box with large numbers like the [ Time to the start of Race ] icon. Being able to move it around like the [ Time to the start of Race ] icon and pinning it on the Orange bar. With those technical people who have designed and built this fantastic software it must be a simple thing to do.

Betfair Trading Crash Course is exactly what it states and it does give one the idea of what is all about

by Wayne Giles
The Betfair Trading Crash Course gave me an understanding of what to expect as i go along in this journey of trading on Betfair. Now i think this was the easy part, now just moving along and viewing the rest of what Bet Angel has to offer


by Tomas Anderson

Exactly what I was looking for

by Mark Heywood


by chris whitehead
great info peter for newcomers

Clear & simple explanations

by Siobhan O
I liked that the videos were short, very specific and clearly explained.

by Brendan Morran

by Jamie Sharp

by Marius Ptak

by Sujeet Ropchand


by Redoy Mamun


by Nicholas Evans
Loved and enjoyed every minute of this course! Information came across in a straightforward and easy to understand system. Learned a lot about the basics of trading and I'm more enthusiastic about learning more. Excellent production and a fine piece of education.