Betfair automation - Automate your Betfair trading


Learn how to automate your betting and trading with Bet Angel | taught by The Bet Angel Team

Course description

Automation is a great way to increase the scope of your trading by allowing you to trade more markets or to simply improve your ability to trade, but more effectively, on a single market.

Using automation you can capture key entry or exit points quickly, with precision and without the emotion of manual trading. Or you can create completely autonomous trading strategies that run 24x7 in your absence.

Lots of people also use automation to test and experiment new strategies. Because it can run in your absence you can test specific ideas and gather data while you do something else.

In this course, we get you started on the right foot with the extensive automation capabilities of Bet Angel.

Automation templates

Once you have learned how to use automation visit our forum to download some templates to edit and create your own unique automation.

The Bet Angel Team
The Bet Angel Team
The Bet Angel Team

There is no i in team and none of the magic you seeing the in trading marketplace would have been possible without the fantastic team that sits behind Bet Angel.

Remarkably, all the team are built up from actual traders and people who were initially Bet Angel customers. Who better to support the and help you get the best out of the most amazing software ever created to trade sports markets?

Course Curriculum

Bet Angel Advanced Automation - Getting Started
Bet Angel - Advanced Automation Introduction
Starting the Advanced Automation Tool
Creating a Basic Rule on Bet Angel
Example of Manually Invoked Automation
Importing Rules & Trading Strategies into Bet Angel
Using Automation 'Signals'
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Creating Some Automated Strategies
Backing to a target price using Bet Angel's triggered betting
Lay the draw & green up
Lay the field
Trading gambled horses part 1
Trading gambled horses part 2
Trading the draw
Trade the server
Creating a Betfair greyhound trading bot
How to switch markets or alert automatically
Using SP automation as a safety feature
Auto exporting your P&L to a spreadsheet
Automating your Trading with Bet Angel
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Reviews (12)

by David Challener


Fantastic cant wait to get home to download Bet Angel Robert

Excellent info

by Steven Massey
Good course to show the capabilities
Read more

by David Challener


Fantastic cant wait to get home to download Bet Angel Robert

Excellent info

by Steven Massey
Good course to show the capabilities

by Steve Branch


by Michael Barnes
Every little Helps

Yes fully enjoyed it

by Daniel Comerford
I liked all the content of this program, however it did not go into the spreadsheet in detail , which I feel is the only way to do what I want to do


by Michael Connolly
Brilliantly done thanks

Automation view

by Shannon Reimer
This was a good series with plenty of info, i think it will take time to learn well sooo much to do, a great and versatility software! I saw another video on this site about making a lay/back automation with greening which was similar to the greybot video and would like to see more on this. Also i would like to see more in videos about about how loss and gain is created or increased (calculated). a good series.

Very Interesting

by Carmine Gaito
The course explain in a very clever and detailed way all the automatic functions. You have to watch it!


by Euan Dempster
Excellent videos on creating rules.


by frank robinson
Very informative and intuitive much better than having to troll through recorded videos on you tube or search through the desk top manual for the information you need which takes quite a bit of time to read then practise what you have read

by Ryan Finn