Trading on Betfair for beginners

Learn to Trade

An in-depth introduction to Betfair and trading | taught by Peter Webb

Course description

This course will take you through the steps necessary to become familiar with trading.

The course will cover:

  • Introduction to the Betting Exchanges
  • The 'One Click Screen'
  • The 'Ladder Screen'
Peter Webb
Peter Webb
Founder of Bet Angel and pioneer of sports trading

Peter's trading journey begun when he joined Betfair in June 2000, just days after they opened for business. Despite having three young children, he left a senior position in his existing career to pursue a pioneering path through sports markets.

Since then he has traded over 200,000 markets, analysed over 1,500,000 and spent the prime of his working life trading and gaining an incredibly deep understanding of how the market works. He has actively taught others since 2004 when he introduced the concept of trading on sports to financial market participants. Peter has gone on to be one of the most successful traders / gamblers ever.

Course Curriculum

Introduction to Betting Exchanges
Chapter Content
01 - Learning about exchanges and their benefits
02 - Placing some bets on the exchange
03 - Manual trading on a betting exchange
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The 'One Click Screen'
Chapter Content
04 - Key information on trading with software
05 - Trading a horse racing using software
06 - Quick tips and more trading
07 - Customising your software to help your trading
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The 'Ladder Screen'
Chapter Content
08 - Understanding the ladder interface
09 - Trading on the ladder display
10 - Next level trading on the ladder
11 - Trading a horse race on the ladder
12 - Semi-automated trading on the Ladder
13 - Introducing advanced charting
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